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April 07, 2007


Dr Savi

• Will anyone listen? & Is there a payoff?
It is all about what I’ve coined, ‘The meaning of the message’. If it means something to someone, they’ll keep coming back for more.
It is a great pity that Knowledge Management has not adapted to this technology!
A loyal listener base, especially in the world of corporate communications has to be based on group updates. I’ve been talking about group-wide communications. Imagine communicating with a dealer channel.

• Can we engage? I guess engaging content also means that people need to get involved with fresh and relevant content.

• Do we know our audience? I’ve mentioned in the past the importance of listener surveys or audience analysis at the point where not even a second of recording has taken place – during a planning stage.

• Is the audience podcast-savvy? Great point, I still think there is a dearth of unawareness. It is all very well for the BBC to constantly say, ‘you can download this as a podcast’ – I wonder what their listener stats are like?
What about being RSS-savvy?!

• Do you have clear objectives? In my recent show I spoke about a internal and external communications. Podcasting around corporate applications that drive higher levels of customer service maybe a better route to achieve acceptance of this amazing communication vehicle – especially if people can understand the value of RSS too.

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