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March 13, 2007


Dr Savi

The suggestion to focus on the middle in terms of the actual production could imply that at the 'peak' of the programme (assuming engaging content!) you still have the listeners attention. We've used another technique called, a 'shout out'. One of my hobby podcasts is the Smooth Groovers Review What(!) you may gasp - OK it is a self indulgent podcast that focuses on Jazz. The good news is that we're in season 2 and we're licensed.
The show is a music review show. My fellow presenter and I talk about the music we heard when we grew up (life/experiences), review new releases and authorised Myspace artist features. We use a 'shout out' (an artist saying that they really enjoy the show - subtle...!- followed by a snippet of their talent (voice/instrument). It is used to promote the artist. Now the question is where do we insert this shout out? Normally, it is at the peak of the episode and we vary it too. i.e: We now have a library of shout outs that we can rotate between each episode. In summary, if a shout out is varied, pertinent, adds a subtle endorsement to the podcast (presenters or even the subject matter), then the listener will stay tuned. One other point, I've recently been given access to a major report on Podcast listener behaviour where text messages came at the top of the list for intrusive and annoying forms of advertising. Podcasters should learn from this.

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