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March 21, 2007



Fun presentation. I really liked your idea of re-christening the event the Corporate "Engagement" Summit. Maybe that is reason enough for making another event around the subjectm with the updated name. We always like a good in-person gathering like we've just had. Keep the good ideas coming!

Leesa Barnes

Nick, lovely meeting you and having a good laugh. I agree that the metrics are difficult, but it's early. This is no different from banner ads or websites from 10-years ago when people were confused on how to measure it. It took a few years for the dust to settle and for everyone to agree on what measurement tool would be used consistently. Podcasting is going through the same growing pains as well.

Curtis James

Hi Nick,

Great to meet you at the summit, some of the stuff you talked about gave me real food for thought.

I just stumbled across this post:

And thought it was relevant to what you said about production companies. You are right that the traditional production model is a hand to mouth situation, but, I would have to argue that production values are key to gaining listeners and respect. Without listeners, you may as well not bother making your podcast.

I mean, would a brand let any person that has photo shop on their pc create it's visual brand?

I guess we come at this from a more traditional broadcast background which favours high quality content. Podcasting is really challenging this.

Dr Savi

Hi Nick,
Good to see you back.
I was communicating with Matt O', re: whether I was going to make it. I'd would value an off-line chat with you about my experiences with the whole show - let us put it this way - it was 'pitched' to me as a great place to debate and meet. I guess it was, with selected presenters and 'possible' clients.

With regard to your point on 'too much focus on production'. I agree, as I have scoured the internet to find out distinctions between emerging players. I can put most of the new insurgence into 4 main categories:

1. Pure production (ex Audio recording mix houses)
2. Voice-over fill ins (ex Presenters that can help with scripting and recording)
3. PR houss (ex PR houses hoping to combine social media discussions with the remote possibility of using the potential of RSS)
4. Mobilcasters (ex Telephone service companies, hoping to use global voicemai).

Podcasting is not about the '4Ps' - You must have seen that circulating around the net.

Ending on a positive, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Podcasting is about:

* Integration with corporate initiatives and
* Linkage to a corporate comms strategy
* Yes, it is about feedback loops but ones that yield a change in an organisation - for example, communicating best customer service practice.
* Niche markets have niche needs.

With regard to the latter, the podcast must have meaning - Working with a dealer channel and their extranet.

Just returning to your initial point, there appears to be too much intellectualising around the old audio publishing arena rather than discovering immediate value add usage for clients and then really pushing this as central to the education that our clients need to realise our business possibilities...

Matt O'Neill



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