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February 27, 2007


darren gerhold

Some interesting comments made but id like to comment on the references you made to PRA's. Each media owner im sure has their own interpretation but here is Chrysalis Radio and specifically Galaxy Radio's policy. It has a Maximum 2 PRA read campaigns per week on each station
•PRS's are limited to 1 per hour and no more than 2 per show.
So people can still understand they are ads and thus keeping "editorial integrity" all PRA's appear in the middle of ad breaks and they are recorded (as live). these PRA's work very well as associating the presenter with the product without actual endorsement from preseter or station.

Matt O'Neill

this 'auto - insertion' of ads into podcasts stuff.. having heard a podcast with this in it, I found it rather jarring. All of a sudden, it just cut. No warning whatsoever.

At least with TV / Radio, you are 'warmed up' for it. Usually the transition to ads finishes with a cliff - hanger, or a natural break. Maybe the machines have a way to come before it comes across as 'natural'?

Dr Savi

I looked into this area last year but have recently seen adcast engine technology being implemented.
It does not resemble a cached (not cashed - pardon the pun!) scenario.

We've been podcasting audio since Oct'05 and video podccasting since Nov'06.

The theory is that the new 'attention economy' should give us niche based clients that are geniunely interested in the subject area that they have tuned or downloaded. However, as correctly pointed out, are they prepared to put up with an advert.

One arguement is that Podcasters should get on with developing high quality content and leave advertising to the specialists. How do we answer the question about positioning and timing.

I would suggest that advertising is obviously not new and the 20sec rule is good.

Should adverts be in the beginning, middle or end? What type of advert should be inserted? Is random placement an annoyance.

Future Solutions:
Google apparently are going offer the equivalent of adsense.
Phonecasting have an adcast engine that can automatically insert sensitised words at the beginning and end.

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